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The mandate and mission of Come As You Are Community Church is that “All” are truly welcome regardless of what conditions, situations or life challenges or wilderness experience you face or endure. You are always welcome here.

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By the grace of God, we seek to restore dignity to the marginalized and the set aside. We seek to empower the voices that are silenced in feelings of inadequacies and self loathing. God leads us inside and outside the walls of the church for His glory and for the edification of the body of Christ. In all things God is our focus.

The Word of God is preached and taught freely and by His Grace we are able to serve free hot meals, provide clean cloths and toiletries for women and men on each of the 4 days the church doors are open. We also provide mail services and both church internet and telephone services are available while onsite.

You Are Welcome In This Place

Our dress code is “Come As You Are” casual. We are a small congregation with strong partnerships and support with community shelters, hospitals, law enforcement, drug rehabilitation programs, non profit organizations and neighboring churches. Come As You Are Community Church is funded solely through donations and with a great deal of work still left to be done we trust God to send us additional support.

We provide access to our restroom for the homeless to to wash up and change into clean clothing provided by the church. In addition to clothing and food, we also provide  feminine hygiene to those who have a need.  We were recently blessed with a freezer donation which allows us to store frozen food in support of our freshly cooked hot meal services. Our church offers access to a landline telephone to set medical or legal appointments as well as keep in touch with family members. We also offer assistance with computer training and usage of the internet. We are trusting God for a washer and dryer in support of the homeless to keep their clothes washed free of charge at the church


We host CAYA Community Blessing Sunday on the last Sunday of each month where we set host an outside cookout with freestanding tables setup displaying free clothing for women, men and children. Keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and by reading our monthly news publication entitled “The CAYA Connect”, We serve as a member of the Frankford Community Town Watch, helping to keep our city safe.

Our Vision Statement

Come As You Are Frankford Community Church also known as CAYA is a welcoming and inclusive sacred space of God. Regardless of your “yesterday” or your “right now” we invite you to experience God with us. It is here that ALL of God’s children are called to come as they are to worship and study as a beloved part of the body of Christ. CAYA is a safe environment to discuss, dissect and discern. At CAYA we test the boundaries with deep study of scripture for an understanding of God’s Word that applies to everyday life. We invite each of you to join us and experience Almighty God completely and authentically. There are no exclusions, no stipulations and no room for marginalization here at CAYA. We don’t all look the same, believe the same or understand the same and the good news is that we  assemble ourselves to glorify God and for the edification of the body of Christ. We are called unto The Lord without separation or bias based on race, gender, age, religious backgrounds, physical limitations, mental handicaps, or social-economic status. As Jesus Christ welcomed all that He encountered, we at CAYA also welcome all who will enter His gates with praise, thanksgiving and a boldness to exist unexposed in His presence. We are certain that it will be an experience your soul will always remember, and your spirit will always draw from. Come As You Are and Be Who You Are in the presence of The Lord. Peace and spiritual transformation happens in this place.

Meet Our Senior Pastor 

“And he said, the things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27). This scripture speaks to the life of Pastor Elaine Rivera, having received a call to ministry after many years of growing up in Philadelphia. After college, she joined the United States Air Force. Serving her country for 8 years and becoming a highly decorated veteran. After receiving an honorable discharge she pursued a career in Law Enforcement in New Mexico for the next 5 years. Having received and accepted the call to ministry later in life she was licensed and ordained a Minister of the Gospel in March 2011 at True Life Bible Church in Sicklerville NJ. There she served in various servant leader roles that led to her final role within that ministry as the assistant pastor.

Some years later, God order her steps to launch Crossroads Empowerment Ministry in Blackwood NJ where she served faithfully as the Senior Pastor. Now under the guidance of The Holy Spirit, as a highly anointed preacher and teacher Elaine serves as the Founder and Senior Pastor of Come As You Are Community Church located in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. By the grace of God, there she brings spiritual guidance to the homeless, the drug addicted, the socially and economically challenged, the displaced and marginalized within the community. She holds a seat on the Community Town Watch Group and is presently in prayer regarding the establishment of transitional housing for the homeless.


Resource Calendars 

We have a prayer call every Thursday evening at 8pm. The dial in number is (866)263-7045 or (215) 853-6733. You don’t have to be a member to join our prayer call, all are welcome. We simply want to stand in prayer with you and for you as you seek the peace and comfort of God. Join us in silence but know that you are welcome to participate. Never miss an opportunity to be in the presence of God in prayer. 

We worship God together every Sunday, service begins at 1 pm . It is there where we praise, teach, preach and submit ourselves to the Word of God.

Come As You Are Frankford Community Church is the church by the people and for the people.

We provide a hot meal after each service.

We provide life coaching to those who have a need for an accountability partner as they face life’s challenges and decisions.

We offer resume services, job search, apartment hunting, dress for success and onsite support and assistance for various resources and benefits.

(215) 977-4779

(215) 744-2012 (onsite phone) 


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4712 Oxford Avenue
PHILA, PA. 19124